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Bruises Are Back In Style

the world is watching the death of a girl

20 April
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I'm a fickle, shallow, worthless product of my generation and my music speaks for me...

Courtney Love; Hole; 4 Non Blondes; AFI; Catatonia; Cyndi Lauper; Dashboard Confessional; Dead or Alive; Erase Errata; Garbage; Girls on Top; Him; Honeycave; Incubus; InMe; Jack Off Jill; Kate Bush; L7; Luckie Strike; Roxy Saint; Madonna; Marilyn Manson/Monroe; Martin Grech; Miranda Sex Garden; Murderdolls; Muse; No Doubt; Nirvana; Pink; PJ Harvey; Placebo; Queen Adreena; Richard Hell; Save Ferris; Rachel Stamp; Smash Mouth; Stonysleep; The B-52s; The Muffs; Toilet Boys; Tori Amos; Unltraviolence; Veruca Salt; The Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Hang On The Box; Auf Der Maur; Pretty Girls Make Graves; Mika Bomb; Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her; The 5-6-7-8's; The Fight; My Ruin; Scarling; The Gossip; The Runaways; Betty Boo; Smashing Pumpkins; Guttermouth; Babes in Toyland; Patti Smith; Dance Hall Crashers; Saloon; Sleater-Kinney; NIN; Bikini Kill; Huggy Bear; Shonen Knife; Sneaker Pimps; Cay; Bis; Silverchair; The Nerve Agents; Angelica; Daisy Chainsaw; Third Eye Blind; Slumber Party; Helen Love; Harry; SRC; Blind Eye Policy; Kidneythieves; Peaches; Le Tigre; Julie Ruin; Belly; Elastica; Melt Banana; New York Dolls; Skunk Anansie; Bif Naked; Darling Violetta; Bratmobile; Rasputina; Switchblade Kittens.